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STOM 2011 The Beginning

February 17, 2011


Galaxy was taken to the framers yesterday……yeah !!!! Now I am catching up on the 2011 ANG Stitch of the month. I have a class coming up in March so I do not want to start something big.  I will probably dink around with a couple of small projects

January was doing the outline, February was Area 1: a waffle stitch.  The original instructions called for 22ct congress cloth but I changed to 18ct and changed the colors……..what are the odds of that 🙂  I pulled from stash.  The outline is done in long stitches.  The biggest challenge was counting, counting and counting one last time.  The Waffle stitch is not difficult but there are a couple of thing that make or break the stitch.  I began with two ply of floss as the instructions called for but quickly decided that because I had changed to 18 ct I needed to increase the number of ply,  I increased to three and started again.  The laying of the floss is critical.  I love to lay threads and found this long stitch length a challenge.  Following the instructions to place some of the stitches under existing stitches is a must.  I liked my finished area. Perhaps I should have gone to four ply ………… ???

 Now I am going to get back to my Indian Woman from seminar.  I have discovered that the canvas was actually titled Far Horizons designed by Tish.

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  1. palma permalink
    February 18, 2011 5:29 am

    You laid it so beautifully I could swear it was Neon Rays. Nice job 🙂

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