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Galaxy: Nearing the Finish Line

January 26, 2011

OH MY …….. I am getting so close to the end that I can hardly put down the needle.  Have you ever been in that wonderful place where the empty canvas keeps getting smaller and smaller and you want to do just one more stitch,  just one more stitch,  just one more length of thread ….. just a  half hour more.

The remaining areas are two large designs and I think they will work up pretty quickly.  You can see where I have added additional lines  to help in the stitch placement in the largest remaining area.

 I am already thinking of what will be next. Below are the areas that I just completed.

The small squares, which are 24 threads X 24 threads, are such fun to stitch.  Some work up fast and then there are others with more detail that take longer.  The two green squares are done in long armed cross.  I never get tired of seeing how the same stitch can look different when the direction is changed.

The pin wheel area worked up pretty fast.  The pearl cotton looks so different when the direction is changed. The first time I stitched with pearl cotton in different direction I thought I had made a mistake because the areas looked so different.

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  1. Sally permalink
    January 27, 2011 10:25 am

    From a frustrating start, you are making remarkable progress. Such speed!

    BEAUTIFUL piece!!

  2. January 28, 2011 9:19 am

    Oh Gosh, this is such a fun piece! So many pretty sections. But I know that while you are stitching you are plannng the next thing!

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