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Galaxy Progress

January 15, 2011

The computer has been to the doctor, made a major heart transplant (hard drive replaced) and is recouping at home.  It is like having a new computer and having to restore data (thank heaven for Carbonite), reinstall all programs…….I have Kodak installed so I am good to go with photos.

In the meantime I have had lots of stitching time and my Galaxy is coming along great. I am now out in the middle of the project and I am glad there are areas to complete that almost feel like projects themselves.  This is a large project compared to the ones I have been doing and it seems funny to still be working on it.  I am already looking forward to something new 🙂 arn’t we always ???

I completed the squares around the big star after my thread arrived from The West.  The reason that I ran out of one of the green pearl cottons was reverse work…….. The next star is in the lower left corner.  It worked up pretty fast…..about 8 hours of stitching.  You can see that I have started on a smaller star…..I am really enjoying all the stitch combinations in this design.

I enlarged this star to try and give you an idea of the stitch combination.  You can see that there is metallic in the star.  I wish the metallic did not wash out so much in the photos.  This star is really pretty.  The use of the Watercolors in this star is interesting.  The star itself has the Dark watercolor and the background area has the Light watercolor.  Not having to lay these threads does make the stitching go faster………a good recorded book in the background makes time fly by.

These pictures seem to be a little washed out…the colors in my project are much brighter…..

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  1. January 17, 2011 4:00 am

    Hi Jan
    I found your galaxy wonderful. The star is awesome with all the combined stitches. Nice work.
    Virginie from France

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