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Galaxy 12/27

December 27, 2010

Christmas eve day was a good stitching day.  My present to myself was hours with a needle in hand.  Stitching on what became a star was great as I kept thinking about the star over Bethlehem. All the neutral color and green overdye areas are basketweave…..many many tiny stitches.  I was so glad when I got those areas complete. I know there is more to come but now I will be on to an area with big 🙂 stitches.

I had a wonderful busy Christmas and I hope all of you did also.  I have had holiday seasons that wern’t so great so I appreciate every good day I have.

There really isn’t any more to read…I’l have to figure out what WordPress is up to here.  They keep “improving” my capabilities…….

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  1. Nannette permalink
    December 27, 2010 9:58 am

    Looking up close at those basketweave areas, I’m amazed that you still have your sanity! The stitches change direction as well as color. It is really beautiful, and I look forward to your next ‘installment’. Thanks for the inspiration.

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