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Galaxy 12/5

December 6, 2010

I crossed my first challenge with this project over the weekend.  I stitched most of Saturday.  I worked on the four green squares shown below.  I counted and counted and STILL made a big goof.  The pattern looked like the middle two rows were the same, they wern’t.  When I got all three (UR, LR, LL) done I realized that the UL was a different stitch.  But in working the UL I realized ( and tried to deny it ) that all three other corners were one thread to tall.  I did not count the full square, it was suppose to be 18 threads square and I had put one extra stitch in the middle row and had a square that was 18 by 19 !!!  I wanted to cry 😦  I looked at the overall pattern and tried to see where I could compensate for my error.  NO WAY, so yesterday I spent over 3 hours doing “frog work”  It was very fruatrating as I had secured my threads quite well and the metallic had been stitched when the pearl was completed….so of course the threads were all caught with one another.  A lot of it had to be cut out (and we worry abouy stitches falling out 🙂 ).  This project does not have a master chart that show all the relationships, perhaps this is due to the size.  So as much as I follow my own advise errors do occur.  I just wonder why I needed such a frustrating lesson in patience.

The photo show the corrected stitching with a couple of rows of the next area making sure that the count came out right.  Maybe today I can make some forward progress.

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  1. December 6, 2010 11:49 am

    I know just how you feel! On one of my recent projects I had to rip out the same section multiple times! I just couldn’t get it right! Grrrrr. But now you are on the right track again and that does feel sooooo good! This is going to be such a lovely piece!

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