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Orchid, The Beginning

November 7, 2010

In yesterdays post there was a photo of my studio and the question was asked “what was I doing?” The answer is trying to choose 7 skeins of floss (two color families) for a CyberPointers November program. CyberPointers is the ANG web-based chapter that I belong to.  The project is titled Orchid and the designer/teacher is Toni Gerdes.  It is  a 4-way bargello design.  Those of you who have followed this blog for long know that I love bargello.  My first, and only, original design to be offered for sale is a 4-way bargello design.

The design has one skein of an overdyed Needle Necessities/ Threadworx and two colors pulled from the overdye.  I chose one of my favorite NN overdyes (#135, if it has a fancy name I don’t know what it is).  I had a piece of blue (I think its called Williamsburg blue) canvas.  The NN is green, navy and teal.  There are three values of the teal and four values of the green.  Needleblending will be used with the greens to create gradual shading.

 Boy, I really wish I could get true color photos.  I guess some photos are better than none.

I pulled out ALL the floss I have yesterday.  I did not realize how many places I had “stashed” my floss. 🙂 What resulted was several hours of organizing my floss so the I might know what I had and how much I had of various colors.  I will often buy floss if a chart calls for multiple skeins as I never think I will have enough in  my stash.  Now I know that I have multiple skeins of many colors.  I organize by color and have yet to get my color separations clear in my mind.  When does red become pink and orange become rust??? How many separation should I have and what can I put them in so I can find them.  Now I have clear plastic drawer units but not enough drawers for all the separations I would like to have…… organizing is a never ending process and enjoyable.  I always find something that I had forgotten I had.

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