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A Side Trip

September 26, 2010

While trying to organize my studio and getting things ready for seminar I decided that I needed a new nametag.  I have been using a very simple nametag that I stitched back in the mid 80’s when I first joined EGA.  It had only my first name so it was the only one I used after my husband died and  I remarried.  It was a “temporary” quick stitch that has served me for over 30 years 🙂

I designed this simple nametag as I stitched.  The silk rose on it was on a promotional card that was given to everyone last year at the Milwaulkee Seminar, inviting everyone to Columbus, and I wanted to use it.  I am not a finisher and my old nametag was in a plastic nametag holder.  I keep plastic nametag holders for just this occasion.  I decided to use one that is a pocket so that I could slip a room keycard in the back.  The gold chain that I have used all these years is an old sweater clip that belonged to my grandmother. Does anyone even remember sweater clips ???

It is all stitched with red, white and green #8 pearl cotten except for my name, which is stitched in #8 gold braid.  Metallic never shows well in my photos.

I started this last night and finished it tonite.  The rose is glued to the outside of the plastic nametag holder. I hope it lasts but if it gets knocked off my backup plan is to put the seminar pin in it’s place.

I have made a start on my Snowman and will update you on that before I head to Columbus on Thursday. I am getting excited and the piles on my guest bed are getting pretty big.  I had better try to corral everything into suitcases. Thank goodness I am able to fly Southwest with no bag fees.  Last year it cost me $160 in bag fees and that was a discounted rate for paying online when I checked it 😦 Who can go to seminar with just one bag !!!

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  1. Diane Schaffer permalink
    September 27, 2010 5:39 am

    Hi! I have been following and enjoying your stitching and travels for a year and envy you, but surprised to see you are going to the ANG Seminar in Columbus, Ohio! I think of you way out west there! lol Anyway, I live 45 miles away in Newark, Ohio and am going with my daughter to the seminar also.

    I would try to look you up and say hi! It would be so much fun to meet your in person. So if you get a call from a Diane Schaffer, that is me!

    Safe Travel! Diane

  2. September 27, 2010 7:01 am

    I love your name tag. I have never made one so my name tag is just a piece of paper in a holder. I know…Lame. I am going to do my best to go in one suitcase and one carry-on. I am wondering if this will work. I am getting so excited but many things to do to make sure I am ready!! If I see you around I will be sure to come up and say HI.

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