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Background Sampler Finished !

August 19, 2010

Background Sampler Complete

I FINISHED !  I wondered when I started this project if I would give up on it because it was a learning project not a fun project.  But each area was like a finished project and I just kept going.  Here are the final two areas, 16 and 17.

Area 16

This area is done in eyelets.  The first pass is done with #8 pearl and the second pass is the same stitch done in Krienik #8 braid.  This is the most open and lacy pattern.  I think on colored canvas this stitch done in the same color as the canvas would be a very light background around a more solid design.

Area 17 This is the final area. It is a crossed running stitch. It is done in a light overdye.  This is a very easy background.  It would be very easy to compensate. I think this is always a consideration for backgrounds. Some designs don’t require a lot of compensation but others do. Different color combinations give this stitch a lot of options.

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  1. August 19, 2010 11:13 pm

    Congratulations! That went quickly. Now you have a great reference tool. So what’s next?

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