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Background Sampler 8/2

August 2, 2010

I am still making progress on my Background Sampler.  These areas are like chocolates, you finish one and you have to start another 🙂 Below are Areas 8 thru 12

Area 8

Area 8 is a backstitch off set each row. I started with my darker overdye, four ply in the lower right.  I thought it was too dark so I switched to only 3 ply. You can see where the color lightens.  At the halfway point I switched to 4 ply of my lighter overdye and then to only 3 ply. That difference is hardly noticible. I made the changes just to observe the differences.

Area 9

Area 9 is a T-stitch. The instructions called for my #5 pearl and I used it for the top half. Again to see the difference I changed to the same color of #8 pearl.

Area 10

Area 10 is a laid filling.  Floss laid horizontal and verticle. #8 pearl used to couch the floss at the intersections.  The filling cross is a metallic. Towards the bottom I changed the filling to a smyrna.

Area 11

Area 11 is a darning pattern done with my light overdye. It is an over one, under one, over three under one. I was reminded that when ending and beginning threads, within a darning pattern, you must keep the pull going forward in order to avoid a hole showing where one ends and the next begins.

Area 12

Area 12 I call this pattern my bubbles. The octogon is done in metallic and the fill in #5 pearl. There are two areas of fill.  The obvious horozontal and vertical and the smaller cross stitch in the small diamond areas created by the octogons.

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  1. Peggy C permalink
    August 13, 2010 6:00 am

    Hi, Jan. This is looking really good.

    I have a comment on the darning pattern. I’ve had teachers say not to end threads in the middle of a row. Always start and end threads on the border so you can’t see where they start and stop.

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