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My 1st Bargello Design

January 28, 2010

Setting Up The Quadrants

My first bargello design is taking form.  This is a four way bargello design that I am going to teach to my Tucson ANG Chapter the end of February.  Prior to picking up a needle I spent many hours with a pencil and series of pages of graph paper.  As I got a start that I liked I would copy the graph paper and go on to several next ideas.  I think I have found a very reasonable piece of software that will allow me to create charts for my class.  If anyone is interested they can check out I got a lead on this from the ANG discussion list.  I never thought to search for plastic canvas information.  I don’t use plastic canvas but it makes sense that a chart is a chart. With bargello being only vertical stitches I hope to make it work.  I’ll keep you informed on my progress.

Basic Design Line

Five colors of Green

This design (which does not have a title yet) is a very simple four way bargello design that will use to try to explain the importance of color in bargello designs.  I have used 5 values of one color family and added one contrasting color for a little “pop”.  I know there are many bargello lovers out there and I would like to hear some feedback.

Photo one shows the outline of the quardants.  It is important to baste these diagonal lines and my eye doesn’t always follow the true diagonal line. The second photo shows the basic design.  This took a lot of time to complete. Trying to invision what the void areas would be was a challenge.

It is hard to see but the voids on the right side are filled with the lightest green.  I like the center burst of orange and I think the border needs to repeat the contrasting color. I am anxious to see all four sides completed.  This is just a practice piece.  I have already made a mistake with two of my greens as they are so close in color.  But no ripping just proceed to get an idea of the completed design….

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