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Hearts Gone Wild 1/24

January 25, 2010

I have never considered myself “adicted” to the internet… I am not so sure.  We have been off line for a week.  The severe storm with 70mph and lots of rain prevented us from setting up the satellite.  I felt cut off from the world.  The wind was so bad last Thursday that we had to stow the TV satellite.  It was like being on a desert island.

I did make progress on Hearts Gone Wild and read two books.  I completed Area 6 (which I misidentified as Area 5 in my last post) and Area 15.

Area 6


In Area 15 I made a design change.  The portion between the inside purple and the outside purple outline of the heart was suppose to be skip tent.  When I completed it I did not lokie th look of it.  It was so scatteredd that I thought it looked like stitches were missing.  So I ripped it all aout and placed the vertical gobelin in that small area.  I like the look of it much better.

Area 15

WordPress has been giving me fits with uploading photos.  I don’t know if it is “operator malfunction” or a problem with WordPress.

I have to leave Hearts Gone Wild for a while and work on my 4-Way Bargello design.  I have to have it ready for a chapter program on February 25th.  My next post will have further details and hopefully a photo of my design.

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