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Double Up 12/8

December 8, 2009

WOW…I really have been away for a while.  I thought it was two weeks but my last post was almost a month ago.  This getting settled into a real house takes a lot of time.  I hope that everyone who visits had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did… ate too much and loved every bite.

I have been getting in some stitching and have made good progress on Double Up. I did the outside border.  It is made up of two rows.  The first row is a stitch that Ro Pace called “Wings”.  I thought they looked like small butterflys and I hope I can use then in another design.  I love the overdyed.  I did not want a pattern to show in the border so I randomly used three ply from different cuts and mixed up my selections.  The second row is a 1/16th Krienik ribbon couched with pearl cotton.

Then I proceeded to fill all the Jessicas.  I did change the filling stitch.  The original design called for very small crescents and I wasn’t in the mood for all that concentration.  At a glance my filling looks similer to the original.  It went much faster and I like it.

I have begun the 136 french knots that go inside each of the diamonds…….. I have one diamond done and will press on to the other three diamonds.  When those are done it brings me real close to THE END….. There is a background stitch to be done around the diamonds and a small final border across the bottom of the triangles.  I am so close I can smell it and this is usually enough motivation to keep going.  I have enjoyed this challenge but I am ready for something else 🙂

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