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Double Up 11/12

November 12, 2009

Double Up 11-12

Double Up 11-12CU

I missed my goal of posting once a week.  Did you know that having a house recarpeted with all the furniture in it is like moving without going outside ?  The carpet was layed last Thursday and Friday.  It took nearly all weekend to get all the “stuff” back in place.  My studio was organized for the third time…..and it will stay as it is for years :).

I managed to find several hours of stitching time and progress is being made on Double Up. After finishing all the “crabs” I went on to the Jessicas all 36 of them. They are stitched with Soie Gobelins which is a slippery thread.  I used a separate length for each Jessica and left the tail hanging so I could do the small smyrna crosses that go in the middle.  There is a small crescent also in the middle…….this will be a challenge as finding the holes under the Jessicas could be very frustrating.  This is the first part of the design that I have given some thought to changing.

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