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My Studio 10/12

October 13, 2009

My Studio 10-12A

Hi ……I’m back but I havent picked up a needle in two weeks.  Our travels south took 9 days.  All went well until day 7 when the motrohome was pushed off the road at 55mph.  Normally this isn’t a problem but there was NO shoulder on the two lane road in northern Arizona and there was a 6-8 inch drop off.  My DH was very calm and got our rig back on the road but the gravity of falling off the road and climbing back up on the road caused a free standing oak cabinet to fall over and my stitching stand was right in front of the cabinet.  Where it always traveled…..lots of crash and bang occured.  I was able to put everything back.  The only casuality was my stitching stand, made of wood it broke under the weight of the cabinet.  It was exactly like the one shown in my photo.  Several months before we left for our trip my DH found a stand just like mine for $5 at a swap……actually recognized what it was and bought it.  I was able to replace the broken pieces and am going to be able to stitch real soon.  Double Up was in the stand when it took the hit. By some miracle it was NOT damaged.  I guess the good lord was watching over me.  If it had been ripped I would have cried and gone on to another project.  I don’t think I would have ever started it again.

On Friday we arrived in Sierra Vista and began the project of moving from the MH into our winter house….(my Dad’s, now mine)   We found out that we were very good at putting 10lbs of ….. in a 5 lb bag.  Having lived in the MH for 6 years I was amazed at how many nooks and cranies we had filled with “stuff”.  By Sunday noon we had everything we intended to move from the MH to the house and we were both exhausted.  Seems like our age is showing, body aching and ready to sleep for a week.

As you can see from the photo I now have a room of my own AKA a studio.  I have all my needlework “stuff” in one place (you can only see some of it in the photo) but definately not organized.  In fact the whole house needs to be organized.  I am wandering around in 1800 square feet of house trying to remember which room I’m heading to and what and where IT is that I am looking for. 🙂

I hope to be back behind a needle by this weekend.  More soon.

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