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Double Up 9/20

September 20, 2009

Double Up 9-20Double Up 9-20 A 

Double Up is proving to be a very tedious project.

After completing the background outside the crescents I moved on the the inside of the small (4 thread) border.  It has taken me a week. 

 The background outside the crescents proved to be a lesson in compensation…not my favorite when it involves circular areas.  The reverse mosaic was not difficult.  It was done in silk, 2 ply which needed to be layed.  It seemed to take forever.

The area inside the small border…….oh my.  Done in two ply of slippery thread with three layers !  Some designers cause me to wonder if they have as much trouble finding the proper holes or do they just let the pilot stitchers produce their projects.  I did the first layer (a simple cross stitch over 4) with two ply then went to a single ply for the second layer (an upright cross on top of the cross stitch over 4) so that I could find the holes for the third layer (a waffle on top of both the cross and upright cross over four).  All this to cover 4 threads ! 🙂

I feel like I have been stitching forever and have very little to show for my time.  Now I will go the next area adjacent to the small border.  It looks like a lacy stitch that should look like progress when I complete it.

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