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Double Up 9/15

September 15, 2009

We traveled safely and are now parked on the high bank of the Clark Fork River in Superior, MT.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  I am planning on lots of stitching.

Double up 9-14

Prior to leaving Graham, WA I was able to press on with Double Up. I completed all the crescents ( which we decided in class looked liked little shrimp).  The second layer is done in Gloriana Overdyed silk #100.  It is a wonderful color combination.  It was a little challenging due to the fact that I used 3 ply and had to lay each stitch.

The next stitch was the diagonal satin stitches inside the crescents.  This was a very easy stitch BUT I found two ply of Soie Goblins was a real challenge to lay smoothly.  It is a shiny, slippery thread.

The background inside of the crescents was suppose to be Four Way Continental done with #12 perle.  I found that it was too heavy for the area.  In class it was discussed that #16 would be a better choice.  What I did was rows of continental, changing direction each row and doing every other stitch.  The thread was nearly the color of the canvas and I like the look of just barely there.

Next I am on to the background outside the crescents…….more soon

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