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Double Up 9/10

September 10, 2009

Hearts Gone Wild Nancy Cucci

This time last week I was in Nanci Cucci’s Hearts Gone Wild class in Milwaukee.  That seems like a long time ago.  The class was a delight. Nancy put a dark chocolate pink foil wrapped heart in with our threads.  She is the best…chocolate rules.  The class was two days and all too soon it was over and I was at the Closing Banquet. The food this year was wonderful at both banquets.

Then It was time to repack…always fun to get everything in my suitcases.  My DH thought my suitcases weighed more when I got home.  I reminded him that dirty clothes weigh more than clean clothes 🙂

Yesterday I finally picked up a needle and worked on Double Up.  I cleaned up the spaghetti and tackled the center waffle stitches.  I put it in and took it out several times.  Two hours later I finally had the count right.  In working the second layer it was difficult to see the holes as they already had a border stitch in them.DU Center

Then I proceeded to finish all the crescents first layer and begin the second layer.  The name of the piece is called Double Up because many of the Hilton stitches are layered up.  It will be a challenging piece and I am looking forward to many days in the coming weeks to make great progress.

We will be heading to Montana this weekend.  My next post will come from Superior, MT on the bank of the Clark Fork River.

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