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September 7, 2009

After another ten hours of sleep I am almost back to normal.  Last Monday was the final day of Double Up.  Here is what I accomplished….. not much 🙂 (Most of what you see was pre-work)

Double Up After ClassI did clean up all the spaghetti.  I am now ready to get serious on this project.  I want to tackle it while class is still fresh in my mind as the charts will be a little bit of a challenge.

Monday night I boarded a bus with 26 other women and headed to the North Shore needlepoint shop in Illinois.  It was a limo bus….seating all around.  It made for a fun opportunity to visit with many of the women on the bus.  The drive was about an hour and a half.  They had snacks ( cheese, fruit, crackers, cookies and drinks) for us and 10 trunk shows.  We did not get back to the hotel until 11pm but it was a fun trip.

Tuesday and Wednesday were free days.  No Classes.  I volunteered in the book store and the opportunity basket areas on Tuesday.  My hours were during class time so I mostly sat and stitched on some bookmarks that I carry with me.  I needed some simple stitching after three days of class.  I design the bookmarks as I stitch so no charts to follow.  Tuesday was the Silent Auction and Live Auction.  I placed a few bids at the silent auction and wound up getting a TISH painted cnavas…a southwest design. Remember I don’t usually do painted canvases but I am finding more designs that I really like.  This could be dangerous. The Live Auction is fun to observe.

Wednesday I played.  I walked several blocks down to the Milwaukee River and spent some time on the river walk. I shopped at the Boston Store, which was having a big sale.  Then I spent quite a bit of time in the exhibit.  I made lots of notes regarding the projects that will be offered at seminar in Columbus, OH next year.   Expo night was Wednesday and I managed to find some fun things I had to have.  My biggest bargin was a bag of floss for $5.00.  Upon getting home I counted 177 skeins.  ANG was having a stash clearing sale and along with threads were canvases for $2, $5 and $10.  I passed up the canvases but you could hardly get near the table the first half hour.

To be continued…..

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