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ANG Stitch of the Month Project

August 19, 2009


It has been 10 days since I updated you on my STOM Kimono.  I have been traveling part of the time, attending an RV Rally, and in general being lazy.

After 5 weeks on the Oregon coast we have gone inland…but not to far.  Anyone familiar with the Northwest knows it is like two different worlds on the west side of the mountains and on the east side of the mountains.  We are inland but still on the west side of the mountains where the weather is wonderful.  The highs at the coast were high 60’s ….today we had sun and 82.

ANG STOM July-Aug CUANG STOM July-AugRegarding the July section (lower, green) I am finding that traveling from one section to another is a challenge.  I want the pattern to look correct as the eye travels.  The first jump looks OK but I am still looking at how to count the second jump.

The August section (orange on the left) is a fun stitch to do.  The challenge again is a jump to a very small tirangle.  This stitch pattern is fairly large so I am looking for the small triangle to be nothing but compensation, not my favorite thing.  I don’t mind compensation at the edges of a large area but these small areas where there isn’t one complete stitch is another thing.

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