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On The Road

July 15, 2009

We have had three days of travel.  We left Saturday night, trying to avoid the blistering heat (109+).  We have traveled at night and early in the morning.  This makes for a disrupted sleep schedule.  My body does not react well and the result has been I’m very tired as I have never learned to nap during the day.   Today we are taking a day off.  Last night I had a full nights sleep and am beginning to feel normal again.  We have traveled from Sierra Vista, AZ to Fernley, NV.  That is over 800 miles and we have nearly 500 miles to go.  The RV park we are in (Desert Rose, Fernley, NV, not far from Reno) is beautiful with even some green grass.  I have not stitched on Double Up pre-work.  My brain has not been in shape to tackle that.  I have begun my Pre-work on my second class Hearts Gone Wild.  The canvas came marked and the stitching is continental…..yea.  Following the lines and doing continental is just what I needed.  No real thinking but the act of putting the needle in and out of the canvas makes me feel at home.  Tomorrow we will hit the road again.  It will be daylight travel as the weather has improved greatly. (High of 90 yesterday)  No more disrupted sleep schedule.  More soon with photos.

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