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Gypsy’s Butterfly

March 27, 2009


This past Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a two day workshop in Tucson.  (I am approximately an hour and a half southeast of  Tucson.)  Deborah Forney was the teacher. The project is entitled Gypsy’s Butterfly. I highly recommend her.  Her class was wonderful.  Her one-on-one with each student was very appreciated.  This is the first class I have taken where there wasn’t a stitched sample to look at.  One of the primary goals of the class was to “do your own thing”.  This scares a lot of stitchers.  I am always interested in design and color classes but I feel very intimidated when it actually comes to making decisons.  We were given a beautiful selection of threads. We were asked to create a stitch and color plan. (See above)  We had copies of the butterfly on which to color and notate stitch choices.  Deborah’s encouragement was so professional and even the “newbies” in the class seemed to want to soak up all the information.  She had partially stitched some areas of the butterfly to give us an idea of her plan.  We were given a wonderful collection of threads and stitch choices.  A color and design lecture together with many stitch demonstrations got our brains working.  By the end of day two everyone had some sort of a plan…subject to change of course 🙂

The only part of the butterfly that everyone did the same is the body.  We learned how to use felt to pad the body. A wrapped stitch created ridges for quite a realistic effect.

I used an overdyed chenille couched with an orange-yellow metallic for the first section of the wings.  As usual the metallic glint is lost in the photo.  Now I must decide what to do next…….


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