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Sunshine Finished

January 21, 2009
Arizona Desert Sunset

Arizona Desert Sunset

I went six days without putting in a single stitch on this project. 

We traveled last Thursday to Quartzsite, AZ.  It is about a 7 hour trip.  We don’t drive this big motorhome real fast.  It uses diesel fast enough at 63 mph.  This time of year at Quartzsite the town swells in population as thousands of motorhomes arrive and “boondock” in the desert on BLM land.  “Boondocking” means no hookups.  We bring a full tank of  fresh water, an empty black and grey tank.  A generator and the batteries on the motorhome provides power.  We have been here for a week and will head to Yuma on Saturday to spend a week with friends.  The big draw to Quartzsite is “stuff”.  There is acres and acres of vendors with everything from antique collectables to swap meet stuff.  We love to check it all out.  Never buy much but we have a good time with friends.

We took today off from “stuff” and stayed home.  I pulled out my stitching as I was having withdrawal symptoms :).  Three hours later I felt much better and the Sunshine project was done.  I desided not to put all the metallic wrapped backstitching around all the areas as I am just going to put it in my stack.

Some of the stitch choices for this would not have been the ones I would have chosen.  I felt at least one was too big for the area and others were very complicated to compensate.  I do like the way my Arizona Desert Sunset colorway turned out.  We had one of those sunsets a couple of night ago and it had all the colors in it.

I was reading the instructions for my next project and discovered I had purchased Watercolors instead of Waterlillies…….a call to my LNS has the proper threads on the way to my friends house in Yuma.  Should be there by Monday.  I am doing a Sue Reed design entitled Imperial Topaz.  It is on the cover of the Jan/Feb 2004 Needlepoint Now.  All the instructions are in the same magazine.  I am doing the original colorway which is a “fall looking colorway”.  For now I will be drawing the schematic……counting, counting and recounting……

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