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Sunshine Makes Me Happy

January 9, 2009
Day One

Day One

After finishing Colorful Heart so quickly I decided to start another small project to work on until my canvas arrives. 

I belong to Cyber Pointers which is an ANG chapter strictly run online. for more info.  The January 09 project is called Sunshine Makes Me Happy and was designed by Meg Shaffer, one of the members.  It is suppose to be a book sleeve but I am just stitching the design for fun.

As usual I have gone to my stash and selected a colorway that I think reflects the sunsets I see here in the desert southwest. I began yesterday and after stitching so much bargello it was different to be doing regular stitches. 

I am not real pleased with the choice of stitches in the first sections I have done.  This has mostly to do with the compensation required for straight line stitches on a diagonal line.  I am using this as an opportunity to practice compensation.  I will also keep this in mind when I am working on my own designs.

Canvas should be here today……..

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