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A Colorful Heart

January 3, 2009


Day One

Day One

The first project of the year is a bargello heart designed by Pat Mazu and published in the March 2008 Needlepointers.  It is a small project less than 6″ finished size.  I had a small piece of peach 18ct canvas and went to my stash for colors.  The original heart shown in NP was red, green and purple.  Those colors did nothing for me…a little too bright.  The three colors shown on the left are not true…they are three values of brown.  My pallet is peach, green and brown. The peach canvas did not show well in my photos.  With my point and shoot what can I expect.

One of the things that drew me to this project (besides the fact that it was bargello 🙂 ) is that the upper part of the heart is a partial 4-Way pattern.  As you can see only three of the four parts are used in this design.  The more four-way I do the easier it is for me to see possible designs.

It was not my first choice but when I went to cut canvas for a larger project I discovered a CRISIS……no canvas big enough for a 12″ X 14″ project.  I did not realize that I had used so much of my favorite eggshell canvas.  With the nearest needlework shop 2 hours away I resorted to the internet and have canvas on the way.  The bargello heart should be close to finished when I get my canvas.

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