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Quilting Bee is Done

December 6, 2008
Notebook Class

Notebook Class


While sorting out my nest, again, looking for what I might have forgotten that I had 🙂  I was reminded that I only had two more stitch samples to complete the Quilting Bee notebook class that I took online.  In an effort to reduce the size of my nest (which sits on one end of my couch) I completed the final two stitches. 

Stitch 11:  This is called the Quilted Stitch.  It is composed of an elongated double upright cross, outlined with backstitch.  It was very easy to work.  When I stood back and looked after it was done I thought Lattice.  With this as a base one could put some growing vines and knot flowers…..I suppose I should have a notepad with me at all times to record my stitching ideas as they are fleeting at best.

Stitch 12:  This is called Triangle Variation.  It was done with Dinky Dyes overdye.  Once again I am reminded of how changing the direction of stitches changes  the overall effect.  There is a lot of depth perception in this stitch.  I can see lots of variations just by changing colors.

Now back to selecting something to stitch.

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