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Snowflake Stocking

November 29, 2008
Day One

Day One

While going through my nest I found a stocking canvas that I had picked up at the seminar in Indian Wells  and promised to stitch and return by March 1, 2009.  All the first-timers are asked to pick up a canvas and stitch it for the first-timers tree at the next seminar.  The tree is auctioned off at the live auction to raise funds for the education fund.  The next ANG seminar will be in October in Milwaulkee.  I do not have to do the finishing as there are finishers who volunteer their time and talents.

The canvas is red, a color I have never used.  The stocking outline was already drawn on the canvas.  I rumaged through my stash and found some white and almost white threads to use.  The overall size of the canvas is 8″ X 10″.  I think that it will be a quick project so I am already thinking about what will be next.  Small projects make for good feelings when they are completed.

This stocking is done in double upright crosses and cashmere.  Simple stitches.  I am adding a little contrast with the shades of threads.  The instructions called for it to be done all in white Tierra.  I did not have any white Tierra so I gathered what I had…….isn’t that why we buy stash????  I am using a white Patina for the cashmere and two krieniks.  One krienik is silver and the other is an off white with a hint of green.  I am sure by the first of the week I will have an update photo posted.

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