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Sedona Rain Nov 21

November 21, 2008
Another Close-up

Another Close-up

Sedona Rain 11-21

Sedona Rain 11-21

The Sedona Rain canvas is turning out to be very interesting and a good learning exercise.  I had no problem with the Wild Goose Chase stitch once I got a chart and did some thinking.  It is the pink area.

I solved the problem of the opalescent Treasure Braid that I did not have enough of.  I took out what I had stitched and then intermixed the two weights by alternating rows.  At first glance you can’t even tell the difference, if you are a judge you would 🙂  The Treasure Braid does not show at all in my photos but it looks real good.  The light catches it and it does look like rain.

I am now working on the clouds.  They are all in the same stitch but done in different colors of Elegance.  When I looked at the four colors they did not seem to “go”.  The stitch is an open stitch so the canvas color shows through.  What a difference that makes.  It also makes a difference when you step back from the canvas and look at it as opposed to what you see through #4 magnifying glasses.

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