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Sedona Rain Nov 18th

November 18, 2008

sedona-rain-11-171I skipped Area 6 (shown in purple) and went on to Area 7…. the white “clouds”.  I got the main area done in a Diamond stitch and began on the long stitch that fills the diamond.  The long stitch is done in Treasure Braid. It is an opalescent color with a sparkle that is suppose to be light reflecting off rain. I did not realize that the card of Treasure Braid I got in the basket was not a full card….I am not even halfway through and I am almost out of thread. I went to my favorite shop in Tucson ( The WEST) and they had the same color Treasure Braid but not in the same size.  The best way to describe the difference is that I was using a Krineik #4 and they only had #8….. I bought it.  Now I am wondering if I need to take out what I have done and intermix the two, or do it all in #8, or breakdown and order the #4 from Rainbow Gallery.  The WEST will order for me but it will take weeks…….patience is not my strong suit.  While I ponder I think I will go back to Area 6…..

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