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Quilting Bee Continued

November 5, 2008
Stitches 7 thru 10

Stitches 7 thru 10

I have finished all the little brown tent stitched on Sedona Rain.  I am ready to add stitches that I can actually see.  I took a break from Sedona Rain to catch up with my online notebook class, Quilting Bee.

Stitch 7 Jacquard Palace Pattern.  This stitch has many possibilities.  The diamond shaped middle stitches brought to the forfront once again how the direction of stitches can alter the light play.  I also learned, once again, that it is difficult to work into “dirty holes” when satin stitch is used.  It is very obvious that my stitches are not smooth.

Stitch 8 Diagonal Stitch With Mosaic  I liked this pattern.  It was done with an overdyed and a solid and I think that experimenting with shades of the same color will create an interesting effect.

Stitch 9 Floral Stitch  This is another pattern that produces a checkerboard effect.  I think it would be lovely as flowers in an irregular shape which would soften the checkerboard.

Stitch 10 Gobelin Variation  I’m not sure I really likes this pattern.  It could be the overdye, or possible the Pebbly Perle that was plied and used only 2 ply.  I did not lay very well.

This photo isn’t the best but I was trying for a closeup so the stitches could be seen. An update on Sedona Rain will be posted soon.

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