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Fire and Ice After The Stitch Away

October 21, 2008
Progress After a Stitching Weekend

Progress After a Stitching Weekend

I have so much to write about that I hardly know where to begin.  This post will be about my progress and in a day or two I will post about the stitch away.  Although it looks like I am almost done there is a border that needs to be done.  If you look closely you can see the pencil outline.

I had to do some “reverse work” this weekend due to the fact that I didn’t read the instruction closely.  There is a lot of horizontal and vertical shading in this piece and it is very easy to get on a roll and forget to drop a ply or change the needle blending.

The photo doesn’t show all of the shading but it is a great learning project…..if you read the instructions 🙂 

I still have beads to add to the candle/icicle.  I am not fond of the ones provided so I am looking in my stash to see if I have something I like better.  I hope to have this done in a week or so.  My next update will be the finished project.

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