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October 16, 2008
Free Stitched Bookmarks

Free Stitched Bookmarks

In addition to Fire and Ice I have been having fun using up scraps of canvas and stash threads to stitch bookmarks.  When I wanted to stitch  something simple and not have to read instructions I decided this fall to work on bookmarks for the Nordic Needle project coming up in the spring.  You can read more about this project at Stitchers from all over make bookmarks which are donated to Nordic Needle and are then used in adult literacy programs.  This is the short version please get full details from their website. 

The caption for my bookmarks “Free Stitching” means that I just freely stitch. I design the bookmarks as I stitch……that way I can’t make any mistakes as their is no chart :).  I put together stash threads in several colorways, keep a supply of long skinny canvas scraps  with the threads and when I just want to play I pull out canvas and threads and start stitching.  I keep a doodle canvas handy so I can try out stitches if I have trouble seeing them in my head.  But mostly I begin in the middle and build out or stitch a border and fill the middle.  They don’t all come out perfect but all are usable and I learn all the time.  I leave enough canvas to trim and ravel……easy finishing.

This is a fun way to try out new stitches and/or stitch with colors that are out of my comfort zone.

I am off tomorrow morning to a weekend Stitchaway……yeah yeah !!!! I am taking Fire and Ice and hope to make a lot of progress on the Ice portion.  Will post results next week.

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