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Quilting Bee Continued

October 7, 2008

In addition to Fire and Ice I am staying on track with my online stitch notebook class.  I am actually ahead of schedule as I have a stitching weekend to attend with the Tucson ANG group coming up.

Stitch 3: Framed Reversed Scotch.  It creates a checkerboard effect and was very easy to stitch.  I liked the overdye effect but will try it in the future without that effect.

Stitch 4: Brighten.  This stitch used the same threads as stitch 3 both used the reversed scotch but the Brighten did not completely close the squares.  Again the checkerboard effect…..I wonder when this could be used.

Stitch 5: Point Russe #2.  I really enjoyed this stitch and am planning on using it on many of the bookmarks that I stitch for Nordic Needle each year.  I can see lots of threads including metallics and the look will change with those threads.

Stitch 6: Tudor Rose.  This was an awkward stitch.  It was recommended to be done with two needles….me and more than one needle equals a mess.  I figured out a way to do it in 3 steps with one needle.  I am going to try this, one repeat only, as a border.  Using this in a large area is not appealing to me.  I also used too many strands of thread for the gobelin and would reduce the thread thickness which I think would make this a more airy stitch.

Hope I haven’t bored you. 🙂

First half of the Notebook

First half of the Notebook

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