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Fire and Ice In Progress

October 6, 2008
After 5 Baseball Games

After 5 Baseball Games

I am moving right along with Fire and Ice and enjoying it very much.  In her class Sue Reed indicatd that the inspiration for this piece came from a trip to Iceland.  In class we worked on the Fire area and I was so anxious to put some blue on the canvas.  Getting all the divider bars in place was great stitching to be done while watching the baseball playoff.  I don’t write much about my love of baseball and football but my friends and family call me “nuts”…….my son got me interested in fantasy games and now says he has created a monster 🙂  I find it very relaxing to watch/listen to TV while I am stitching.  Sports are my first choice.  I can get a lot of stitching done during commercials and with instant replay I don’t miss much.  I must admit that a really good football game will cause me to put my stitching aside and just watch.

Back to stitching.  When resuming a class project I first get rid of any “spaghetti” and then go to the instructions and work the project in the order in which it is intended.  Jumping around in class serves its purpose but I am more relaxed when I start in Area 1 and progress through to the end.

After completing the area dividers the candle/icicle came next.  The Candle points up and the Icicle hangs down.  They are done in gold and silver metallic braid.  The candle is predominantly gold with silver and the icicle is predominantly silver with gold.  I wish it would show better in the picture but metallic never show very well in photos.  It is very interesting to see the same pattern worked in reverse colors.  It does change the appearance. If you click on the photo to get a larger view you can see the metallic much better.

I am now moving on to the center bargello pattern…..more soon    GO BOSTON !!!

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