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Wildflower Meadow

September 25, 2008

I have been working on Lois Kershner’s Wildflower Meadow and really enjoying the project.

After My 2 Day Class

After My 2 Day Class10 Days Later

10 Days Later
10 Days Later


I got my pictures uploaded but not without a few challenges.  My second photo, with the 10 Days Later caption, did not upload properly and when I deleted it…..somehow the caption flipped to the first photo.  I can not figure out how to edit the caption. Anyone have any ideas??  Who knows what the computer nerds are up to.
The left photo shows the stitching that was accompished in my 2 Day class at Indian Wells Seminar.  Notice that the bottom area of the congress cloth is painted.  We did this in class with the greatest little sponge painter I have ever seen.  It is small, about 2.5 inches long and shaped like any eye.  I don’t remember the product name but Lois said that they can be found in the scrapbookking area of Michaels.  It is a small case that when the top is removed reveales a small sponge filled with paint.  We just stamped the color until we had the color we wanted.  What a great easy way for canvas to be painted.  I am going to try and lightly paint some canvas where exposed canvas shows.  I always have more design ideas than I have time to play with.
The second pictures reflects the progress that I have made since seminar.  I am doing all the background stitches in preparation for the “fun” part of doing the trees and flowers. No two finished projects will look the same, as the trees and flowers are not charted….can’t make a mistake…..just stitch them.
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