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Indian Wells Seminar Part 2

September 21, 2008

Now for some of the many things that go on at seminar other than classes.

Hyatt Grand Champion Resort

Hyatt Grand Champion Resort

Staying in a hotel that would normally be out of my price range was a pleasure.  With a roommate the hotel rates offered to ANG were very reasonable.  We had a balcony and after dark it was possible to enjoy it.  I forgot how long hotel hallways are and I did not take any “wheels”…learned another lesson the hard way. My stitching bag, complete with stand, light and all necessary stuff, was HEAVY.  I remembered that many years ago when I went to an EGA seminar I had my luggage wheels to haul my needlework bag around.

5 mornings out of 8 I was up early and took advantage of the wonderful fitness center.  30 minutes on a treadmill complete with earphones to hear the morning news was a great way to get the day started.  There was even cold water with lemon in it.  Staying hydrated is very important in the desert.  I normally do water aerobics and morning walks so keeping up my exercise was important.  Thanks to a roommate who woke up early I didn’t get to be lazy.

Each day there was a drawing was made for door prizes.  I had to put my name in the hat each day…no holdovers.  The Hospitality Desk was where the signups were.  There was helpful information and a dish with candy to be visited also.

The Hospitality Desk was located just outside the big area where the bookstore, boutique, exhibit and opportunity baskets were located.  There was lots of room in each area,  although the boutique sometimes was quite crowded.  One day they had brown lunch bags tied closed with ribbon in a big tub marked “Grab Bags”  The sign said at least $100 of threads  for $25.  Being very frugal I watched as several women bought bags and opened them…..WOW. I bought one and was very pleased with the lavender and green threads, ribbon floss, metalics, beads that more than met the $100 promise.  It was a great way for the shop to clear out some of thier discontinued items and provide a color coordinated addition to “stash”.

The exhibit opened Tuesday ( if memory serves me) and it was spectacular.  It was crowded the first day but after that you could take your time and really enjoy our art.  In addition to the pieces submitted for exhbit there was the stitched projects for Milwaulkee Seminar in 09. What a great opportunity to actually see the projects.

I missed the “first timers” meeting……no good reason, I just forgot.  I learned later that the first timers each year stitch projects for the Live Auction  for the following year.  This year it was round ornaments that were hung on a wreath.  I managed to pick up a line drawn canvas for a mini-stocking the the first timers are doing for next year.

The opportunity baskets were wonderful. I am sorry that I did not get a picture of them set up. One basket, from the local chapter, had to have a second bag for tickets set up.  It was called “Gadgets”, it was huge and had so much stuff in it I couldn’t begin to remember it all.  I picked out four baskets that I liked. And over several days slowly dropped my tickets in the proper bag.  One that I really liked was the smallest one on the table but had a SW painted canvas by Sundance Designs that “called” to me.  This is unusual as I don’t do much painted canvas.  I buy my $20 worth of tickets and consider it a donation to the Educational fund.  I can’t begin to describe how I felt at the banquet on Friday night when my name was called for that basket.  It was the icing on the cake to the whole experience.

The Silent and Live Auctions were something that I had not been involved in at prior seminars.  My roommate was very patient and explained all the rules.  I decided that it was way out of my budget but I went into the Silent Auction during one lunch break….just to look around.  Some wonderful finished items, lots of painted canvases, bags of threads, stands, lights.  I was surprised at how much was there.  There were 2 painted canvases (me who doesn’t do painted canvases) hanging on the wall, folded (not good) with some sort of thread supplies that I couldn’t really see.  The bid was $35 for one and $45 for the other.  They were a pair of SW designs.  I thought I would help by upping the bid.  I bravely upped one to $45 and the other to $55.  I thought the bids would go much higher by the end od the day.  When I returned after class I was surprised to see that my bids were still the highest.  It was now just 15 minutes until the Silent Auction closed…..I got nervous and scratched out the $55 bid and let the $45 bid stand.  I still thought someone would come in at the last minute and up the bid.  Getting one would be OK but getting both would break the bank.  No one upped the bid and I got a second painted canvas and supplies for $45.  When I got back to the room I emptied out the supplies and was shocked to find 38 skeins of #5 perle cotton and a pcak of John James needles.  Again my $$$$ netted me a good deal.  I immediately put the canvas under some heavy books to flatten it out so I could roll it up for the trip home.

I attended the Live Auction but did not raise my hand…….it was a fun experience.

I am sure that I have forgotten something but you get the idea that there was lots to do and not enough time.  Now I wonder how soon I can get finds together for another seminar.

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