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Stars Abound

September 4, 2008

This project is on the front cover of the July 2008 Needlepointers magazine.  It is all done with shinnering ribbon floss.  A little tricky to work with at times but well worth the effort.  I just started it a week ago and hope to finish it before I head to seminar on Friday.

Margaret Bendig's Stars Abound

Margaret Bendig

The project is entitled Stars Abound and the designer is Margaret Bendig.  I really like her designs.  This one works up easy.  Although I used the ribbon floss it could be done in other threads.  Just the red, white and blue is an exciting color combo.  It is suppose to be finished as an ornament but I will frame it.  I have a very small wall in the motorhome that I am doing small pieces to rotate through the year.  This is a perfect July piece.

Find the Error

Find the Error

I finished the main part of the stitching last night. Today my husband discovered an error in my stitching..he’s come a long way since we married 9 years ago when he didn’t know what needlepoint was. Can you find the error?

 Today my bags are packed and I am hoping that I can sleep tonite and not worry about what I might have forgotten.  After all I am not going to outer Mongolia 🙂

I will not add to this blog until I return from Seminar late on the 13th.  I will then share my experience and display the projects from my classes.
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