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A Weekend of Stitching

August 18, 2008

I am participating in Gay Ann Rogers Dog Days of Summer Stitch-in.  It is part of the Shining Needle Society.  The idea is to set aside some time each day to stitching.

Saturday I finally figured out that “simple” background on my Hears of Hearts project.  Looks so easy when it is done.  It turned out to be very easy to stitch once the placement was figured out.  I then pressed on to the final area and completed it yesterday afternoon.  I do not have the right braid to couch around the edges. I will have to make a stop at The West in Tucson when I go to the ANG meeting next week.

With Heart of Hearts at a standstill,  I pulled out my Colonial Santa and began a tent stitch border around the design so I can send it to a finisher.  I want it done as a standup.  Tent stitch and baseball go great together.  With three games on yesterday I made great progress.

I just can’t make myself go back to POTO………if is not fun don’t do it is my motto.

Where are the photos…you ask?  The computer geek says that I will have my primary computer back on Saturday.  All fixed and with additional memory installed.  His reputation is awesome so it is worth the wait.

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