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POTO….moving along

August 4, 2008

I have spent several days and many hours on POTO. I am sure that Tony is slightly crazy.  He must have an anal mind to figure out all these aeas. I finished two areas that I had started in class.  The diagonal pattern couching had to be ripped out as I discovered a major error.   I must have been asleep when I started that area.  I am now ready to start another area and the insructions read like science fiction:).  I will have to study them before I can pick up a needle.  I want to start something fun and am trying to stay with POTO. I have never been one who can work on more than one project at a time but if I am to finish POTO I think I am going to have to work on it in spells.

My laptop computer is in the hospital so I do not have access to my photos.  I will post some when I get the compter back.  It has decided to turn itself off whenever it wants……I hope it is only an overheating problem.  It is four years old and I cannot get to the fan to clean it.  It is with a young geek who I am sure will be able to figure out what is happening.  I am on an older computer that at least gets me to the internet.

I want to stitch today but those instructions…………

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