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Patterns of the Orient

July 23, 2008
Patterns of the Orient

Patterns of the Orient

I have decided to return to Tony Minieri’s Patterns of the Orient. I took the four day class in March of 2003 while still living in Graham, WA. I put is aside when my mom became ill and I had to move south to Arizona.  Once I stop on a pjoject it is hard to pick it up again.

 It is done on congress cloth.  Tony does not like to leave a thread exposed so his projects are intense.  It is almost impossible to show all the detail.  I will try for some close up pictures the next time I have the camera out.

I am working on the border area in the UL.  It is a 10 step process……  The LR border which is complete was a 12 step process.  I have learned not to try and picture the whole process at once.  I do one step at a time and sit back and admire my work when an area is done.

There is a large gold design in the empty circle and I have supplies that I have never worked with.  Another challenge.  But I won’t think of that until I’m there.

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