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Doodle: Fall Folly

July 19, 2008

This doodle needlepoint has been so much fun.

Doodle Project Original Design

Doodle Project Original Design

Yesterday I completed my “doodle” project.  The size is 6 1/4″ X 6 3/4″.  In addition to having fun and feeling like I could not make a mistake I learned alot. 

The biggest challenge was the last space I had to stitch to complete the project.  In trying to keep balance and stitch choices, nothing seemed to fit in the last area. (the area right above the bargello mountain).  As you can see I finally decided that I would duplicate the stitch and color to the left.  I felt like I had so many colors and small areas that I needed to unclutter the piece a bit. 

 A no-no, tent stitch does NOT make a good area divider.  When I first read about doodle needlepoint ( I did not realize that Jocelyn’s project was done ALL in tent……so off I ran. Anyone thinking of a doodle project should consider smyrna crosses as area divider or diagional gobelin. These stitches provide a place to anchor threads, set off the individual areas and makes compensation much easier.  I went to needlework stitch books I had not browsed through in years….I rediscovered my library.  I am sure that we all have resources that we do not use.  It is fun to rediscover them.

I think I tried to use too many colors for a project of this size.  Next time I will choose a smaller color pallet and try to mix and match the colors in different stitches.  In this project I did use the same stitches more than once. Sometimes in a different direction or in a different color. I made no effort to design the whole piece.  I chose an area, a thread and a stitch and went with it.  When that area was done I sat back and decided what to do next.  As the design evolved each decision became more chalenging as the piece came together.

Now that I am back in the real world my stitching time will be less however I have learned that stitching nearly every day no matter for how long keeps me sane.  I am in Sierra Vista, AZ for at least 6 months.  My dad lives just a block away from where we park the motorhome.  He was very glad to have me “home”  He is 86 and our travels depend on his health.  I am the only remaining child alive and I must take very good care of this special person.

What am I going to do next…………????

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