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Doodle Project Fall Folly

July 3, 2008

Fall Folly Doodle Needlepoint

Doodle Needlepoint Fall Folly

Doodle Needlepoint Fall Folly

Here it is July 3rd already.  Where has my time in Montana gone? I have had a lot of time to stitch and read but never enough.  I have been enjoying the Doodle project.  On Saturday we will pull in the slides and move on down the road. We are heading south to Arizona.  The internet satellite will be packed in the back of our tow car so I will be off line for perhaps 10+ days.  I know I will suffer withdrawals.  Perhaps somewhere along the way we will stop where we can set it up for a day.  We don’t set a hard and fast itinerary we just travel as long as we feel like it each day and look for a convenient place to park.  We do plan 3 days at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and if the trees will let us we hope to set up the satellite. 

Even as I sit here at the computer I can see my work on the floor stand and can hardly wait to get back to creating.  I have spent a lot of time with my stitch books and it was very uplifting and rewarding.  While stitching from charts where someone else has designed and laid out everything for you, I had lost some of the knowledge of just how much of a challenge it is to pick a stitch.  I was also amazed at how many crossed stitches there are.  Part of this project has been to pick colors and stitches.  I have tried to use stitches that I haven’t used before and using the same stitch in different color and thread combination.

The small diamond in the lower right is done in an overdye and is many, many french knots.  It is really hard to get all those knots to look alike.  I like franch knots and struggle for perfection (or close to it) so I used this project for some practice. I will put together a list of the stitches I have used in a future post.  I have been just stitching and not keeping good notes 🙂

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