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Doodle Needlepoint Update

June 29, 2008

Fall Folly                           FALL FOLLY #2

Fall FollyI can hardly keep my hands off this project.  It is so much fun.  I do spend some time jut looking at it and when I get an idea I pick up the needle…..

#2 Picture shows my random areas.  It is hard to be random. I found myself counting 🙂 instead of just creating a shape that was not square, rectangle, diamond etc.  I wound up with a heart and something that looks like the #1.  I was keeping balance in mind .  There is some metallic in the center area however it is the first layer and doesn’t show in these photos.  Someday I hope to have a better camera and better photo skills.  Always learning.  Keeps the mind active.                                                                                                 FALL FOLLY #3

#3 Picture shows that I finally gave in to giving the project some definition and also some movement.  I felt I needed to get some of the Watercolor in a border because it seemed to me that my colors were not looking like they belonged together.  I knew the threads I was working with complemented the overdye but with no large area of the overdye I was having trouble trying to balance the color selection.  The bargello line gives the piece some movement.

Funny, huh, I have no idea of what the final project will look like but some things like balance and movement must be addressed.  How did I know that the piece would not have movement by the time I finished it, why choose to give it movement now ?

Today is Sunday and that means baseball and lots of stitching so I’m off…….

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