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Doodle Needlepoint Beginning

June 28, 2008

Doodle Needlepoint 1

This is a “doodle” project.  Jocylyn from New Zealand had Doodle Needlepoint in her blog.  Check hers out is it awesome.  I thought it would be a fun thing to try. 

The idea is to create areas with tent stitch and fill them in with any stitch you want.  I went through my stash and picked out a fall Watercolor and some floss, perle cotton, silk and metallic that coordinated and began stitching.  I am trying some stitches that I have not done.  It is a good test for compensation skill development.  I have no idea what the final design will look like.  I can’t make a mistake….. :).  The reason I decided to try this is I was out of kitted projects.  I have accomplished much more than I thought I would on this 3 month trip north.  The idea  of just playing with stitches was intriguing.

The stitch used in the upper right is Plaited Gobelin. Quite an interesting stitch.  It is a bear to compensate on the long side.  If I used it in a design I would make sure that compensation would not be necessary. It looks like it could be uses as a water stitch, reminds me of water ripples.

I do not like the tent borders.  I will try changing the direction of the tent stitch and see if I can get a better outline.  This is just an experiment so I am not getting hung up about “frog stitching”  you know “rip it, rip it, rip it”.

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