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Paul’s Santa WIP

June 17, 2008

Joan Thomasson DesignJoan Thomasson DesignHere is a progress report.  I am working all the small areas and getting close to the coat and tree. It is a little more fun when I just “do my thing” instead of trying to follow instructions that lack detail.  I keep reminding myself that I have had this kit for at least 6 or 7 years.  Computers have allowed instructions and stitch illustrations to come a long way and I am spoiled.

I have gone to my stash for threads other than what is in the kit.  Santa’s bag is worked with a Needle Necessity overdye.  I had to pull more Krinek gold as there was not enough in the kit.  I am now thinking of doing the coat in “handmade overdye”.  I have 4 or 5 shades of red and am considering needle blending randomly choosing values and numbers of strands.  The sled on Santa’s shoulder has a woven spider stitch in the gold and it is kind of hard to see.   I also has some green overdyed linen (left over from Joan Thomasson’s Teddy Bear) and plan to use it along with the floss provided.  Turkey work will be last on the collar and cuffs…..I’m still thinking about the grey portion of his hat.

I am calling this Paul’s Santa because it is being stitched for friends Paul and Barbara.  Paul has the santa collection.  We stop to see them when we travel along the Columbia River.  They are special friends who used to spend the winters in their 5th wheel in AZ.

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