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Santa’s Painted Canvas

June 12, 2008

The rain has stopped here in Montana and the sun is actually trying to shine.  I am having problems with WordPress again loading photos.  My uploaded photos go right to the media library and I can’t seem to get them into a post.  BUT wait…… I may have figured out the problem.  Such a simple solution ( if it works the next time) I believe that a post or page needs to be saved and reopened for the photos to be inserted.  From the Add Media screen I was able to select the media library, choose a photo and insert.  Enough of computer stuff….

Here is the painted canvas of the Colonial Santa. There is a lot of tent due to the small size. Small mosaic on the purple vest, Turkey work for the cuffs and collar, long and short for the beard and oriental is suppose to be in the coat.  When I looked at the photo suppled with the kit I didn’t like the way the oriental looked.  The instructions indicated that the shading was to be worked into the stitch…?? The photo was very small, remember I have had this kit for at least 8 years.  Instructions were typed. It is hard to see but the only stitching I had done when thiese photos were taken was the boots (tent) and the walking stich (long/short).  The canvas is only 7″ X 9″, this is suppose to be finished as an ornament but I hope to have it made into a standup for a dear friend of mine who has a collection of santas, not a one stitched.

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