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Northwest Sampler June 3, 2008

June 4, 2008

 Miracles sometime happen.  After struggling last week to upload an image today I just did it with a few keystrokes.  I did want the image in the center of my post and at the top….oh well next time.  See image at the bottom of this post.

This finished but as yet unframed project is an adaptation from a class project designed and taught by Margaret Bendig.  I took this class in March of 2007.  I stitched the original Southwest Sampler in colors of turquoise, coral and green with a cactus in the center.  One of my sisters-in law lives in Arizona and I stitched it as a Christmas gift for her and her husband.  It was such FUN to stitch that I decided to stitch it again for my other sister-in-law who lives in Tacoma, WA.  Colors would need to be changed and the cactus would need to be replaced.  I had never done a complete color change and agonized over the process many hours.

Have you ever spent more time worrying over a problem that it actually took to solve the problem ?  I went to my LNS (The West in Tucson, AZ) armed with the photo of the SW Sampler and all the leftover threads.  This turned out to be just what I needed to make color choices.  Having the leftover threads allowed me to keep the textures, values and contrasts approximately the same with my new color choices.  Having a whole needlework shop to select threads from was fun.  It took over 2 hours and many threads removed from racks and drawers and then replaced before I had a new color choice.  It passed inspection with the needleworkers who were working in the shop that day and I felt like I had climbed a major mountain.  I was ready to get started stitching.

As I began to stitch I kept staring at the center…….that tree in my mind was presenting another challenge that I spent many hours thinking about, drawing sketches of and trying to envision a tree with some demention to it.  I also wanted to place a representation of Mt Rainier in my sampler.  This mountain is a beautiful landmark that is visable from my sister-in-laws backyard on a clear day.  I am an expert at making something simple into something complicated.

It was a fun experience and I learned a lot about color.  I had to make some adjustments as I stitched and this always makes for good learning.  Color is so much a personal decision but you need to know some rules to know when it is OK to break them.  I will have the NW Sampler framed and it will be a Christmas gift this year.

Complete Color Change

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