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May 28,2008

May 28, 2008

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and life here on the Clark Fork River in Montana is wonferful. 

 I finally picked up my needle the other day and am progressing on “Turquiose Trail”.  The colors are coming together and I am enjoying the challenge of working from stash …read limited choices. One thing I have discovered that is VERY important when changing colors from stash is to work the design keeping in mind that I may run out of a particular thread before I finish.  I need to be ready to balance the design if I need to add a color.  I work corresponding areas completely. Working side to side or top and bottom as the design dictates.  I reassess my thread before going on to another area.  My main concern is the ability to balance the colors on all sides of the design.  Whew….that was hard to write and I am probably the only one who knows what I am saying 🙂

I have decided that today is the day I figure out about putting photos in this blog.

Yesterday I browsed some other needlework blogs and was blown away with what is being done.  I am going to get this blog in much better shape as time goes on.  However I am determined never to make it a chore.  I want it to be fun.

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